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Bandai Namco brought an authentic Tekken experience to mobile platforms, and nevaly was tasked with finding a way to resonate with core fans and casual gamers alike.

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The campaign began early on with the soft launch of the game, initially focusing on reaching the most critical audience: hardcore Tekken fans & the FGC, to garner early player feedback and responses that could be used to hone the game in the run up to its global launch.

We achieved this by organizing gameplay streams & videos followed by a two hour Q&A stream between a key Tekken influencer, and the developers to curate a really unprecedented insight for the community into the game’s development philosophy.

The Q&A session also featured exclusive reveal trailers that really helped maximize its impact with the audience.

With this core foundation established we then turned the focus of the campaign to building hype and awareness around the upcoming global launch, with a wider audience.

This included running a giveaway contest where fans had the chance to win physical prizes and the chance to attend our exclusive launch event held in collaboration with Razer at their HQ store in San Francisco.

The campaign culminated with the launch event, which was the perfect platform to showcase the new local PvP feature that arrived with the global launch of the game at it’s best, and really packed a punch!

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