The Power of Sponsored Content Videos [Infographic].

nevaly Team

nevaly Team

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Influencer marketing has seen massive growth over the past few years in fashion, music, food and travel, but the practice in the games industry has taken on a life of its own. The staggering amount of content created and watched on YouTube and Twitch alone have provided fertile ground for gaming influencers to organically grow enormous communities — and for sponsorships to become an integral part of the ecosystem.

With millennials spending an average of 3 hours and 25 minutes per week on these platforms, gaming content has created ample unique opportunities for brands to get seen and heard by millions of engaged consumers. Influencer-sponsored content in gaming is unquestionably powerful, as demonstrated when looking at the data.

Based on analysis of our proprietary data, the average length of a sponsored gaming video on YouTube is 18 minutes, with viewers spending on average 5 minutes and 49 seconds watching with a 6.3% engagement rate. The average CTR of a sponsored video is 2.2% — almost 9x higher than the average CTR of display advertising.

The difference is that sponsored content is just that, content. Our data shows that sponsored videos encourage engagement and positive sentiment among niche and targeted consumers because it is supported, created and presented by the influencers they trust and follow.