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We’re the bridge between modern and dynamic talent and some of the biggest names in the industry. Helping deliver creative and personal campaigns and connecting some of gaming’s brightest stars to the opportunities they deserve. We cultivate a space for gaming talent to thrive.

What we can do for you

Our talent management and influencer marketing services

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    By curating an exclusive roster of exclusive talents - focused on quality and passion - we can pour our time and effort into finding you opportunities that fit with your ethos and branding and propel your career as a gaming influencer forwards. Handling the day to day admin and pesky details of campaign life so you can focus on the good stuff.

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    Influencer curation
    and collaboration

    We source talents for you on a per-campaign basis, ensuring each one is tailor made for your needs and delivers the most authentic and engaging content for the best results.

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    Connecting you with some of the best minds of the business for in-depth and creative approaches to marketing, helping you stand out amongst the crowd.

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    Establishing long term relationships helps us deliver you a consistent approach to your marketing, building a safe and trustworthy space to grow ideas and nurture possibilities.

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    A hands-on

    Handling in-person influencer events and the logistics behind them, whether its a press trip, e-tourney or a big event - we’ll make sure the talent knows where to be and what to do and can also offer on the ground management for a seamless experience.

We combine data
driven insights

With human ingenuity

Thanks to working closely with creators day in day out, we maintain a constant connection to the ever evolving social landscape, helping us devise informed strategies and ideas that lead to winning solutions for our clients. It’s what we’ve done for over 100 brands across campaigns in multiple languages and territories worldwide.

Creator Showcase

  • Iconoclaste
    • Indie

    • Informative

    • Loyal Fanbase

    • Otaku

  • Deerstalker Pictures
    Deerstalker Pictures
    • Cosplay

    • Creative

    • High Quality Production

  • docm77
    • Minecraft

    • tips & tricks

    • Vlog

  • Emmalition
    • Commentary

    • Let’s Play

    • Loyal Fanbase

    • RPG

    • Souls-like

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Creator Services

We deliver
brand deals

And go beyond...

Brand Deals

Hunt down offers with awesome brands that match your vibe and personality.

Deal Management

Filter inquiries, negotiate offers, and make sure deals are in your favor.

Legal Support

Offer advice around copyright and other legal issues.


Manage travel, accommodations, and scheduling around activations and events like E3 and gamescom.

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Situated in the heart of the city, our team comes together from around the world to offer a meaningful connection with no barriers. Our languages include: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish and Chinese

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